UNPFII15 Side Event: Indigenous Women Influencing Peace, Security and Development

13 May 2016, 8:12 am Written by  Eleanor Dictaan-Bang-oa
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We, Indigenous peoples hold steadfast to our right to self-determination – a fundamental freedom which have shaped our survival and wellbeing throughout the ages. Our histories, however, are pockmarked with struggles, resistance and confrontations since colonization. And it has not relented today – an indication that the root causes of conflict have not been effectively addressed. Worse, the conflicts we face today are increasing in frequency and ferocity with multiple faces and different actors where liability can be muddled and where, the underlying causes are not being surfaced nor addressed.

A study by the Global Witness for example, listed “at least 116 environmental activists murdered in 2014 - almost double the number of journalists killed in the same period. A shocking 40 % of victims were indigenous, with most people dying amid disputes over hydropower, mining and agri-business. “This figure includes women and children simply  fighting against aggression to ensure that their children will enjoy the same or better benefits from the land and its resources that they have protected and sustained for generations.


Conflict is not just about arms nor is peace about its absence.

This event will present different situations of conflict and how these conflicts are impacting on indigenous women in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Philippines). More importantly, we would also like to highlight the imprints or vital roles that indigenous women play in preventing conflicts, building peace towards attaining justice and sustainable development despite the relentless aggression on their persons and their communities.

Date: 13 May 2016; 13:15-14:30

Venue: Room DC-2



1.   Ms. Parboti Roy from the CHT, Bangladesh

2.   Ms. Nittaya Earkanna fromThailand

3.   Ms.   Mai Thin Yu Mon from Burma/Myanmar

4.   Ms. Josephine Pagalan


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